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SARAH SHAHI سارا شاهی - آهو جهانسوز شاهي


Aahoo Jahansouz, also known as Sarah Shahi, was born January 10, 1980, in Euless, Texas to an Iranian father and Spanish mother, Abbas and Mahmonir Jahansouz Shahi. She is an American actress and model of Iranian and Spanish descent.former NFL Cheerleader and a great-great-granddaughter of the 19th century Persian Shah Fath Ali Shah Qajar by Begom Khanom (daughter of Hossein Qoli Khan Afshar, niece of Begom Khanom, daughter of Emam Qoli Khan Afshar), through their son Jahansouz Shah. She attended Trinity High School and Dallas' Southern Methodist University, majoring in English and Opera. Shahi started her career as a beauty queen during her teen years. She won the Miss Fort Worth USA pageant in 1997. She joined the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 1999-2000 squad and appeared on the cover of their 2000 calendar.

While working as an extra on the set of Dr. T and the Women, she met director Robert Altman, who encouraged her to move to Hollywood. Sarah then moved to Los Angeles. Once in L.A., she got various recurrent roles in several famous series, such as Alias, where she played Jenny, Dawson's Creek, where she was Sadia Shaw, and The L Word where she played Carmen de la Pica Morales. Shahi was also the first ghost in Supernatural, the CW paranormal drama series.

She is best known for her role as the Mexican-American DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales in the Showtime drama television series The L Word, which she joined in its second season. Sarah did not renew her contract with the L Word for a fourth season, and consequently her character was written out.

She also appeared in HBO's The Sopranos, in the Season 6b episode "Kennedy and Heidi", as Sonya Aragon, a stripper and college student who spends a weekend with Tony after a death in his family. Although uncredited by most sources, Sarah also appeared in Jackie Chan movie Rush Hour 3 as one of the girls being handcuffed along with Mia Tyler for motoring offense by Chris Tucker early in the film. Sarah's currently starring as one of the leads alongside Damian Lewis in the new NBC hit show Life which started airing in the U.S. in late September 2007, and which has been renewed for a second season for the Fall of 2008. Sarah speaks English, Persian, and some Spanish, and has a Brown belt in Karate.

سارا شاهي مدل ، بازیگر ايراني-اسپانیایی هالیوود است پدرش ایرانی و مادرش اسپانیایی است. سارا شاهي از نوادگان فتحعلي شاه قاجار مي باشد. سارا نخست در نوجواني به عنوان ملکه زيبايي کسب شهرت کرد. چندي هم به عنوان مشوق تيمهاي ورزشي فعاليت مي کرد تا اينکه در سال 2000 توسط کارگردان معروف آمريکايي، رابرت آلتمن جذب هاليوود شد.

سارا شاهي چندين سال است که در فهرست جذاب ترین زنان آمريکا در مجله ماکسيم راي مي آورد. سارا به زبان هاي انگليسي و فارسي و اسپانيايي صحبت مي كند و داراي كمربند قهوه ايي در كاراته مي باشد. وي در سال 2005 رتبه 90 را در ليست صد نفر اول هات در مجله ماكسيم به دست آورد . در سال 2006 اين رتبه به 66 ارتقا پيدا كرد


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