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MOHSEN AFSHANI محسن افشانی


Mohsen Afshani Pictures from the web 3
Iranian artists at Saeed Arab Concert
Jashne Derakhte Doosti ye Hoonarmandan
Mohsen Afshani Photo Shoots 2
Pictures of Mohsen Afshani from Web 2
Pictures of Panjereh TV Show
Mohsen Afshani Photoshoots
Pictures of Mohsen Afshani from Web
Mohsen Afshani Photos 2
Mohsen Afshani photos 1


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love Posted 12/7/2012 8:19:43 AM
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sara Posted 3/13/2012 10:33:37 PM
he looked betta in panjare young nd cute bt now he looks too old nd uggly with the beard
sara Posted 3/8/2012 11:04:47 PM
u've got the hottest eyes eva <3
Hanieh Posted 3/8/2012 10:44:15 AM
sara Posted 3/2/2012 8:53:56 PM
ur the best <3
mina Posted 2/4/2012 7:48:33 AM
:) POK
mina Posted 1/24/2012 2:17:40 PM
POK <3<3 M<3<3
mina Posted 1/21/2012 5:08:48 AM
age begam doset nadaramm dorgh goftammmm kheli kheli doset darammm Ashghet shodammm hata khodetamm nemidoniiiiii bazam migammm kheliiii doset darammmm <3<3<3<3
mina Posted 1/20/2012 4:25:44 PM
:) jag älskar dig .
darya Posted 1/17/2012 1:57:13 PM
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