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Farsi Name: يوسف پيامبر

Director: فرج‌الله سلحشور

Release: 1387 (2008)

Genre: History, Drama, Romance, TV Show

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سریال "يوسف پيامبر" به داستان پر فراز و نشیب زندگی حضرت یوسف (ع) می‌پردازد.

Yousufe Payambar or Joseph, the Prophet is an Iranian television movie from 2008, directed by Farajullah Salahshur, which tells the one of the most beautiful, impressive and dramatic stories of Koran. Joseph, the prophet of God, is born in one of cities of Mesopotamia. His beauty and qualifications makes him the center of attention, and this is what makes his brothers envy him. So, they once take him to the desert and put him in a well…

Yousofe Payambar (Prophet Joseph) Cast & Crew عوامل يوسف پيامبر

Yousofe Payambar (Prophet Joseph) Pictures عکس‌های يوسف پيامبر

Marasem Taghdir az Avamel Yousofe Payambar 2
Marasem Taghdir az Avamel Yousofe Payambar 1
Press Conference Pictures of Yousofe Payambar 2
Press Conference Pictures of Yousofe Payambar 1
Pictures of Yousofe Payambar TV Show

Yousofe Payambar (Prophet Joseph) Credits سایر اطلاعات يوسف پيامبر

مصطفی زمانی، محمود پاک نيت، كتايون رياحی، پروانه معصومي، جعفر دهقان، جهانبخش سلطانی، مهوش صبركن، ليلا بلوكات، رحيم نوروزی، زهرا سعيدی، سعيده عرب، نسرين نكیسا، فرشته سرابندی، الهام حميدی، پانته‌آ مهدی نيا، امير حسين مدرس، اسماعيل سلطانيان، محمد علي سليمان تاش، محمد قاسم پور ستار، عباس اميری، سروش كهوری نژاد، داوود شيخ، زهير ياری، اردلان شجاع كاوه، رضا آقاربيع، اسرافيل علمداری، علي بكائيان، ناصر فروغ، كوروش زارعی، سيروس اسنقي، مجتبی بيطرفان، حسين جعفری و ارسلان قاسمي

Mostafa Zamani (Prophet Joseph), Hossein Jafari (Young Joseph), Mahmud Pakniyat (Prophet Jacob), Katayoon Riahi (Zuleikha), Jafar Dehghan (Potiphar), Rahim Nowroozi (Akhenaton), Elham Hamidi (Asenath), Fereshteh Sarabandi (Leah), Davood Shaikh (Judah), Nasrin Nakisa (Dinah)
Music:پيمان يزدانيان
Sound:احمد اميري
Camera:مرحوم رسول احدي
Edit:حسين زندباف
Set Design:مجید میرفخرایی
Make up:سعید ملکان
Photography:محمد حسن ناحي
Producer:فرج‌الله سلحشور، سیما فیلم
Writer:فرج‌الله سلحشور
Status:On DVD


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awais Posted 1/26/2015 8:03:55 AM
all the actor and actress are very lucky. i like their job.i like yousaf payamber movie.and most inspire katayour riahi and mustafa zamani.from awias okara pakistan
Aimal Posted 10/12/2014 2:24:27 AM
the best word of the world ( Fantastic ) but hey guys i need to know the Quran e Pak Reader voice. help me guys its almost two year i am searching for him. (the first start voice)
Malik Rizwan Posted 8/1/2014 11:31:29 PM
All Are Lucky people.
kim Posted 7/11/2014 6:30:56 AM
i have so deep love. for this movie that i watched this movie 6 times since this january bcz i had seen this movie this year only and i feel very upset that i missed so many precious yeaes without watching this movie :-(
kim Posted 7/11/2014 6:26:26 AM
it is the best movie i had watched in my whole life i know i will watch more movies but the love for this great movie will never be less than any other movie . great job done by u all love. u all alot and i have a special respect for each person who acted in the mivie especially tfor mustafa katayoon and ilham
roma Posted 2/28/2014 8:32:51 AM
فرج‌الله سلحشور بسیار خوب
roma Posted 2/28/2014 8:30:16 AM
man doosty drum mostafa zamani
asnaat Posted 12/7/2013 7:39:37 AM
i love this movie..it changed the our lives..plz wacht this movie
Charissa Posted 8/12/2013 9:24:31 AM
Just one word for this movie:AMAZING!!!!
cemre Posted 8/3/2013 2:43:08 PM
HELLO FRIENDS AND BROTHERS pleeeasse help me i am new here and i´m looking always to yousuf payambar it´s beautiful and i have a question please help me somehow i Need the Name of the Young yousuf´s Young brothers judah Simon and Rubin plesae help me any person i want it sooo much to know i would be so thankful if you can tell me please
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