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Farsi Name: یک خانواده محترم

Director: مسعود بخشی

Genre: Family

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فیلم "یک خانواده محترم" روایتگر داستانی جذاب و درامی خانوادگی است که با نگاهی به داستان هابیل و قابیل، در بستر اتفاقات و حوادث بعد از انقلاب مخصوصاً آزادی خرمشهر، به تصویر شرایط و دیدگاه‌های شخصیت‌های داستان، در حال حاضر می‌پردازد.

A family drama set in the heart of Iran after the revolution, at the beginning of the Iraq-Iran war and today, 30 years after.

The main character ARASH (37) is the second son of his family. He was sent to France to study. In 2008, he’s back in Iran, lives with his mother and teaches sociology at the university of Shiraz. Both have cut off all relations with the rich and powerful father and his son JAFAR, who is Arash’s step brother. The father dies and leaves a huge amount of money to Arash and his mother who does not want to accept this money. Arash, on the other hand, wants to go back to France and decides to accept it. He leaves Shiraz, with his friendly nephew HAMED, and goes to Tehran to attend his father’s funeral. On the way, his past is revived in his mind.

1982, his father is in charge of distributing subsidized goods. When Arash’s mother and older brother AMIR (16) discover stolen goods in the father’s basement, a fight breaks out. His violent reaction forces Amir to leave for the front. He is killed in the war shortly after. As the death of her firstborn pushes the mother into a depression, the father, who’s now a “martyr’s father” climbs quickly up the social ladder and becomes extremely rich and respected. Jafar who follows his father in this “career” becomes even richer than him. Once in Tehran, Arash has to confront a new Jafar and his enigmatic son Hamed…

Yek Khanevade Mohtaram (A respectable family) Cast & Crew عوامل یک خانواده محترم

Yek Khanevade Mohtaram (A respectable family) Pictures عکس‌های یک خانواده محترم

Pictures of Yek Khanevade Mohtaram (A respectable family) Movie

Yek Khanevade Mohtaram (A respectable family) Videos ویدیوهای یک خانواده محترم

Yek Khanevade Mohtaram (A respectable family) Credits سایر اطلاعات یک خانواده محترم

بابک حمیدیان، مهرداد صدیقیان، آهو خردمند، مهران احمدی، پریوش نظریه، بهناز جعفری، مهرداد ضیایی، داوود فتحعلی بیگی، عدنان شاه طلایی، حسین مسلمی، نیکی نصیریان، یزدان جمشیدی و...
Music:کیهان کلهر
Camera:مهدی جعفری
Edit:ژاک کومتس
Make up:نوید فرح مرزی
Producer:محمد آفریده
Writer:مسعود بخشی
Status:Coming Soon

Yek Khanevade Mohtaram (A respectable family) Awards جوایز یک خانواده محترم

The Abu Dhabi Film Festival - New Horizons
Black Pearl Award
Massoud Bakhshi

Yek Khanevade Mohtaram (A respectable family) News اخبار یک خانواده محترم

Massoud Bakhshi’s first featured film titled A Respectable Family has been accepted at Two Weeks Directors of 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Below is more information about this film and Bakhshi’s short biography.


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asad Posted 5/15/2016 7:36:11 PM
must watch