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Ehsan Khaje Amiri Live in Concert
When: 4/20/2014
Where: Montreal-Toronto-Vancouver
4th London Iranian Film Festival
When: 11/1/2013
Where: London
Anual Noor Iranian Film Festival Closing Awards Ceremony Honoring Oscar-Nominated Actress Shohreh Aghdashloo
When: 10/24/2013
Where: Los Angeles
Iranian Film Festival
When: 9/28/2013
Where: San Francisco
PAAIA Brings World Premiere of The King Cyrus Symphonic Suite to San Francisco
When: 8/10/2013
Where: San Francisco
New York Persian Parade 2013
When: 4/14/2013
Where: New York City, NY
Carlo Venti Live in Concert " YEREVAN ARMENIA " - OPERA Concert Hall نوروز ۱۳۹۲
When: 3/23/2013
2013 Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival
When: 3/16/2013
Where: Los Angeles
Benyamin Live in Concert
When: 2/16/2013
Where: London
Max Amini Comedy Show
When: 1/18/2013
Where: Toronto
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